“I just really wanted to thank you, I can’t enumerate for what, but it amounts to everything. Thank you for everything. From helping me plan parts of my trip, to just showing me how confident and independent I can be. Thank you for helping me see that I can do quite a lot of things on my own, that I’m capable of enjoying myself with or without other people. You’ve pretty much showed me, through me, that I am couregeous and spontaneous and all of these things I thought I couldn’t be.”


“When I first met Julie I wasn’t even sure what a travel coach was, all I knew was that I wanted to travel more but I wasn’t sure how. My husband and I knew we wanted to travel for 6 months straight and see as many places as possible. It was a great idea but it was so big that we didn’t really know where to start. Julie’s work and expertise really made a difference, helping me organize all my thoughts, projects and energy into an amazing adventure. She made the decision of taking actions and going for it way easier because it didn’t feel as unreachable after we worked on the project together. From deciding on which countries to go to, to getting tips on how to get cheaper flights, it made the whole project seem so easy. We are leaving for our 6 months journey in 6 weeks, yet I found myself using techniques I learned in the process everyday, for the countless smaller trips we took since. Thank you for an amazing experience and for the great moments every session was.”


“I had a great experience with Julie! This was my first time getting any life coaching, and I can definitely say that her warm, caring yet professional approach to each and every one of our meetings was the main reason why I truly enjoyed and got the most out of what she had to teach me! Her resourceful and helpful nature are what really helped push me to maintain not only the short term goals I set for myself, but to aim for long term goals as well. I would definitely recommend Julie to other friends, and in fact, I already have! Julie was a great first-time coach and in my opinion, would definitely make any future coaching, may it be for traveling or any other life goals, a sweet and since experience!”