Travel Burnout // Many Faces Many Places

In all of my interviews, I ask travelers about any difficult situations they may have faced. I always hear about pretty typical challenges like cultural barriers, missing flights and getting lost, but it wasn’t until I met Alex, that I heard about the concept of travel burnout.

Travel burnout is when you’ve travelled for so long and so extensively, that no matter how well you’ve planned your journey, everything becomes mundane, uninteresting, and starts to look the same. Your mind and body have their limits and if you’re not careful, you may lose that essential desire for exploration and discovery.  Have you experienced this? I definitely have, but couldn’t articulate what I was feeling at the time.

Alex’s last trip was an 80-day tour of Europe.  This trip had its challenges, but he’s become very adept at identifying the potential pitfalls of travel.  Here are Alex’s best tips for avoiding travel burnout.

  • Don’t leave the most complicated destination last. Certain countries that you travel to can be more familiar than others. For the ones that are quite drastically & culturally different, your sense of awareness needs to be heightened. In this case, those countries will be need to be first on your list when traveling.
  • Do something that you would normally do back home. – go to the gym, go for a run or sit at a coffee shop, whatever it takes to keep your mind and body sharp.
  • Go somewhere that is routine/familiar.  Part of traveling is putting yourself out of your comfort zone. But from time to time, doing something familiar and easy can help you recharge.
  • On long journeys, spend a week in one spot. You don’t always need to be constantly on the move.
  • Lastly, find the time to get good night’s sleep. At least once in awhile.


The biggest takeaway I had when talking to Alex about Travel Burnout is that sometimes we need to slow down to get back up.

You can follow Alex on instagram @Alexblock – he is quite on point with his photos, they are absolutely inspiring!