Travel Life Coach

My mission is to inspire & motivate people to create their own adventure and live a life they want!

Let’s talk about YOU – how can I serve YOU !

If I gave you a map and told you to pin point where you want to go, what would you choose?

Is there a trip that you have always dreamed to do but for some reason can’t find the money, time or whatever else is holding you back?

Is there a country you so badly want to visit – the point that your gut is like hey! You need to go. Like soon.

Are you starting to plan a trip but seriously do not know where to start? Google can be a little overwhelming.

Or maybe you just want to go on a vacation but do not know where to go?

I want to help you plan the greatest experience!

Life Coaching

 If I gave you 6 months to live, what would you do?

I want to help you live life to its fullest!

I want to guide you to find out what sparks your inner fire – What makes you all excited and giddy inside that you just gotta do this!

Let’s find your passion and dreams turns those into visions & goals.

Let’s find those little things that you can do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis that can excite you!

Core Values



A little bit about me –

I have an amazing family, loving mother, father & sister and they are all my rocks and have supported me through everything – literally. I also have a dog, Mia, who is a lab mix and 1 cat, Rocky.

I have a huge passion for travel & food and put them both together and I am in heaven! Singing & dancing in my car with the music blasted is my jam. I always love to try something new – whether a new restaurant, bar, fitness activity or anything really! My favorite way to sweat is yoga, running (planning for a half marathon this year – September 2017!), spinning, swimming and last but not least surfing (I don’t live by the ocean but when I visit, I surf – and this summer going to try river surfing!)