Taste of Travel Newsletter & Update on Many Faces Many Places!

Sitting here at September Surf working away with creating a MailChimp account & figuring out all the shenanigans on how to include it on my website. Google has been my best friend today.

I wanted to actually let you know why I created a newsletter and what is it about? Well first off, I would love to share all my travel hacks that I have learned throughout the years of traveling! Secondly, life tools – as a life coach my goal is to give you tools that will inspire & motivate you to create a life you want (and not what other people expect – it is your life remember? :)).

Lastly, the newsletter will also have snippets of the Many Faces Many Places Stories & the adventures that I embark on that will actually lead to this blog where you can view the whole post!

There are three ways to sign up – first there will be a pop up, but if you are already reading this meaning you either already signed up (YAY!) or you click close which is normal haha. Secondly, there is a link at the bottom of the page that you can click on or even better click on THIS LINK.  Ya can’t miss it ;).



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