Calling All Travelers!

Good Afternoon Beautiful People!

This is going to be one hell of an exciting summer.  First off, it is SUMMER – warm weather, park hangouts, beach hangouts whatever jams your boat.  Secondly, it gives me time to work on my project that I will be launching in the fall. I am super excited about this project and I want to share with you!

Many Faces Many Places is going to be a blog series based on interviews that I will be speaking with travelers including (not limited!) bloggers, journalist, backpackers and of course travelers! Each blog post will be a story about their experiences while traveling and how they got there including the toughest challenges they have faced and how they have overcome them!

I want to get the authentic part of traveling and how no matter what the obstacles are, at the end of the day you have this amazing experience and hilarious stories to tell!


Want to be part of the series?

  • Criteria: Traveler!
  • Interviews will be via video call on Skype or Google Hangouts unless you are in Montreal, then we have to meet at a cute cafe! 🙂
  • Email me at


I cannot wait to meet you all and hear your stories, this is going to be so exciting! Happy Sunday + Canada Day + Fourth of July!

❤ Julie

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